Passenger Departure Guide


Disclaimer: Passengers are advised to refer to the respective state guidelines for more information

  • All employees are screened before they start their duties and are specifically trained on best practices against COVID-19
  • We conduct regular sanitization and fumigation of all areas and surfaces, with special emphasis on frequently used touch points
  • Mats and carpets are soaked with bleach at the entry gates for disinfecting footwear
  • Sanitisers are placed for use throughout the airport right from the entry to boarding gate
  • Maintain social distancing through distinctive floor markers
  • F&B counters are audited daily to ensure food safety and hygiene standards. We encourage contactless interactions right from viewing the menu to payment exchange

What should passengers do?
Follow all preventive measures laid down for your safety:

  • Web check-in before reaching the airport for departure
  • Generate baggage tag or paste the PNR and sector details on the luggage
  • Limit the luggage to 1 check-in and 1 cabin baggage
  • Report at the airport two hours before departure
  • Wear face mask and follow physical distancing throughout the airport
  • Temperature screening of passengers at the entry gate
  • Verification of the boarding pass and ID proof by CISF at the entry gate
  • Display the status of Aarogya Setu App* at the entry gate
  • In absence of Aarogya Setu App, fill-in the self-declaration form at the entry gate
  • Passenger to drop the luggage at the self-baggage drop or check-in counters (An electronic receipt shall be sent to the passenger)
  • Contactless entry into security check through e-gate
  • Passenger to dispose of all the bio-hazardous material like used masks, gloves, tissues etc. in the yellow-coloured disposable bins placed at strategic locations
  • Avoid sitting on chairs demarcated to maintain social distance
  • Self-scanning of the boarding pass at the boarding gate and display of ID proof

Check-in Process

At CSMIA, we work towards making your airline check-in process a seamless and pleasant experience.

The check-in is located at the departure area - level 4. Passengers can locate the check-in counters of the respective airlines by referring to the information screens on Level 4 that are located near the Terminal entry gates.

The check-in commencement time is usually 4 hours prior to departure and the counters close at least one hour prior to departure. However, the check - in counter allocation is a dynamic process; hence we recommend that you check the allocation of respective airline at departure kerbside signage.

Baggage Rules

There are certain guidelines on items that can be brought into the aircraft. Carry-on and check-in baggage are subject to being hand-searched by the security personnel, especially when the x-ray scan cannot determine its contents.

We request you to co-operate with the security agencies.

Electronic items such as laptop computers and cell phones may be subjected to additional screening. Place your electronics (e.g., laptops, mobile phones, tablets) and metallic items (e.g., keys, coins) in a separate tray.

Hand Baggage:

As per the recent directives published by BCAS, passengers are permitted to carry only 01 hand bag. Passengers can carry the following along with the one hand bag:Laptop bag Lady’s Hand bag An overcoat/ rug/ blanket/ wrap Camera / pair of Binoculars Reading material for the flight Infants feed for consumption during the flight and infants carrying basket

Hand baggage allowance may vary from airlines to airlines. We recommend that the passengers consult the concerned airline for more details on allowed hand baggage. Power banks are allowed only in hand baggage.

Carriage of Satellite Phones and Drones in Hand Baggage and Registered Baggage is strictly prohibited.

Check-In Baggage Allowance:

The check-in baggage allowance may vary from airlines to airlines. We recommend that the passengers consult the concerned airline for more details.

Guidelines for Liquids/Aerosols/Gels:

To protect you from any potential security threats, there are rules for taking liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) on flights:

  • Liquid/aerosol/gels and items of similar consistency should not exceed 100 millilitres quantity in each container.
  • Liquids, aerosols or gels which are in containers larger than 100ml are not permitted.
  • At the time of screening remove any liquids, aerosols and gels from your bag(s) and place them separately in the tray.
  • LAGs must be carried in one clear transparent, re-sealable plastic bag.

For more information on security, please visit here.


After clearing security Check, passengers are requested to move towards immigration.

We conduct immigration checks for all passengers, Indians or foreigners, both at the time of arrival and departure. The passports are duly stamped at the time of arrival as well as departure. Passengers should be careful to see that their passports are duly stamped before leaving the immigration counter.

Passengers are required to present valid travel documents i.e. passport and visa (if applicable) before proceeding for immigration clearance.

If inadvertently, an immigration stamp is not affixed by the counter officer at the immigration check-post, the passenger may immediately contact the concerned AFRRO/FRO/SSP and get the same affixed on his/her passport to avoid inconvenience at the time of next travel abroad.

For more information on immigration rules and regulations, please visit


Disclaimer: Currently operational

Customs Helpdesk / Declaration Counter:

After immigration, passengers go through the Customs Declaration Counter as the final step before moving towards their boarding gates. No stamping or baggage check is normally done by customs, however in case of suspicion or as a random routine check, sometimes your baggage may be examined by customs.

Important points to consider on departure from India

  • If you are exporting any high valued item such as jewellery which you would want to import back into India, you should consider getting the export certificate from the customs authority, so you are not charged custom duty on these items later when you return.
  • For export certificate, physical verification of the goods is mandatory.
  • For obtaining export certificate in case of jewellery, passengers are required to approach precious cargo customs clearance centre( PCCC) at Bandra-Kurla complex , Bandra east, Mumbai well in advance before the day of departure. You may contact Deputy/ Assistant Commissioner (PCCC) at ph no. 02226754000.
  • Indian residents can take along with them Indian currency notes not exceeding value of Rs. 25,000/-
  • Carrying of currency notes of denominations of Rs.500/- and Rs.2000/- is prohibited to Nepal and Bhutan only Rs.100/- or smaller denominations is allowed.
  • Indian residents going abroad can carry foreign exchange including foreign currency without any limits so long as the same has been issued by RBI/ authorized foreign exchange dealer. Foreign currency notes exceeding US $ 5000 or equivalent and foreign exchange including currency exceeding US $ 10,000 or equivalent needs to be declared at Customs Counter.
  • Tourists/ NRIs while leaving India are allowed to take with them foreign currency not exceeding an amount brought in by them.
  • For any further information, passengers are advised to download Indian Customs Traveller Guide from the playstore on your device. This application by The Central Board of Excise & Customs can be downloaded for all information related to Customs procedures and protocols.

Entry Gates

Disclaimer: The gate no's and check in island mentioned for domestic flights are subject to changes

6E 5200 -6E 5399

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